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Thursday, November 27, 2008


LMFAO went to banana split on Sunday to hear some Electro and to meet some nice young Lady's who are not obsessed with there packages.( 1 out of 2 ain't bad ) They stepped on the scene to see DJ AM on the 1's and 2's spinning one of there tracks. Watch the video to see what happened.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

LMFAO in Vans Blog!

Mad props to Nikki S. for throwin LMFAO in her Vans Blog... click here to check the post

Totally LMFAO.

Humor me while I tell you a story. Around Christmas of last year two guys walked up to my friend Anna outside of Jimmy's in Hollywood. Introducing themselves as LMFAO, they gave her a free CD. Our gang did not know what to make of this album. Were they serious? Kinda, but not really. And come on, LMFAO? Self-aware sarcasm is mad hipster. Tripledouble bluff? Who cares? A year later...one, two, skip-a-few and LMFAO are playing shows all over the left coast.

I like these guys. Their music is fun for fun's sake with attitude somewhere between Plastic Little and L'Trimm. Their videos all look like home movies. Probably because they are. In the "Yes" video they pass the camera to each other while driving their own car.

One of their most played tracks, "I'm in Miami, Bitch," has scored 2 million plays on Myspace. Not too shabby. Vans even gets a shout out on that track, "I'm rocking Vans. I'm in the sand." I'm like, "Yes." Get up in their business here: LMFAO MYSPACE.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

LMFAO in MIAMI New Times

"Q&A with LMFAO"

Wed Nov 12, 2008 at 08:44:34 AM

STFU when LMFAO performs at Karu & Y.You’ve hear the track “I’m in Miami Bitch” more times than you care to count, but still it never fails to get you cracking a smile. And if the MySpace count is any indication, there’s almost 1.3 million people cracking smiles right along with you. Actually, smiles don’t even begin to describe the LOL that comes when this track kicks in any given club night. Then again when the tag team responsible for the song call themselves LMFAO what else would you expect?

But “Miami Bitch” is just one of the kooky hits kicked out by this Tinsel Town twosome, and but one of the snappy sentiments you’ll hear this weekend when LMFAO hit Karu & Y. New Times rang Red Foo and Sky Blu on the eve of their throwdown; here’s how they cut it up:

New Times: I’ve gotta ask: Why the name?

Red Foo: Well, why the name and how the name are a little different. Why is because we wanted a name to celebrate the kind of energy we like to live in, and having humor about life and having fun is extremely important to us, even as musicians. And we though Laughing My Fucking Ass Off would always remind us that we had to put some humor into our music.

NT: Okay, so how the name?

Sky Blu: We had a lotta different names at the beginning, we were called Mixed Nuts, then we changed that to Sexy Dudes. And I’m chatting with my grandma on AIM and I ask her what she thought of the new name and she simply put LMFAO R U Serious? And I saw Red Foo later and he said “Hey, that’s the name right there!”

So my grandma is credited with coming up with the name.

NT: You’ve got a hip, text messaging grandmother?

SB: Yeah, her aka is Grandma Goodfoot.

NT: You guys recently covered Kanye’s “Love Lockdown” -- what makes a song worthy of getting the LMFAO treatment?

RF: That’s a great question. The song was worthy because it wasn’t cut for the clubs. There were things that were missing, and one of the things was that it was unplayable in the clubs, which gave us an opportunity.

We knew DJs were gonna want a club version and we wanted to be one of the first to do that. It was an amazing thing because we heard it on the radio and immediately our hearts started racing with the idea, so we dropped everything and had it out in two days. When we submitted it to the blogs 15 other people had already done remixes, but within a matter of hours ours rose to the top. And within the first day the blogs were saying we’d done the best remix thus far. It was an amazing experience for us because we’d never had a song get that popular that fast.

NT: But you guys dug the song first, no?

RF: We loved the melody, and we loved the concept. But as you noticed we thought we could take the concept a little different. You know “love lockdown” they can’t be together. We’re saying the love is gone but we can still be together – in a sexual way. And we thought that lightened it up a bit.

NT: Do you have sex with a lot of your exes?

RF: Yes, I do. I always have sex after a break-up. It’s almost like a sunset clause; you at least get about 3 or 4 months of sex until finally it’s over.

NT: Isn't that called “break-up sex”?

SB: Yeah, break-up sex.

NT: “I’m in Miami Bitch” might be your biggest hit--– have you spent a lot of time down here?

RF: We haven’t spent that much time in Miami, but we’ve spent consecutive weeks there, starting two years ago when we first came down for WMC.

But we made the song before we’d ever even been there. We made that song imagining what it would be like, and kind of saying to ourselves ‘regardless of what it’s like, this is what we want it to be like,’ because we’d heard so much about Miami. And it became our kind of mission statement -- drink all day, play all night -- and if someone was too hung over in the morning to drink, we’d just play them the song and say, ‘Yo, this is the mantra, man.’

It’s almost like setting up rules for your vacation.

NT: So, you made the city live up to your expectations?

RF: Exactly. Exactly. We followed it to a T. We played Naked Twister, everything in the song we did.

NT: What can Miami expect when they see you Saturday night?

RF: They can expect to party ridiculously and to be in the presence of two individuals and their DJ – DJ Air, who’s now the official FMFAO DJ – who are very excited. Once we land, we are in Miami, bitch. You’re gonna get two dudes ready to have the best time of their lives.

SB: Even if you’re a person who lives in Miami, the vibe that we’re gonna give off is gonna have you feeling like ‘Man, it’s like a vacation!’

LMFAO performs at Karu & Y Saturday, November 5. Doors open at 10 p.m.; 21+; pre-sale tickets $10 at Wantickets.com.

-- John Hood

To see full article click here...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

LMFAO fan Video of the week


LMFAO on the TOP 4 @ 4 and on TOP 7 @ 7 on Power 106!

Today LMFAO's I'm in MiamiTrick was #4 on Power 106's Top 4 @ 4! Also, I'm in Miami Trick was #7 and The Love Lockdown Remix was #6 on the Top 7 @ 7!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Custom Merch Photoshoot

Here's a few pics from the photoshoot for the new custom LMFAO merch..

Check out these sexy mamas...

To see all the pics visit the LMFAO MYSPACE
And to buy custom merch visit the LMFAO STORE
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Redfoo in LA Times

"Clubs are hopping up in Hollywood"

Behind those velvet ropes, they're huge, packed and increasingly being crowded out by new competition. Downturn? Here, they're partying like it's 1999.

By Chris Lee and Charlie Amter 
November 2, 2008

It was past midnight on an unseasonably balmy Tuesday in Hollywood and the queue to enter the Avalon nightclub stretched nearly half a block down Vine Street, with would-be revelers clamoring to get into a charity benefit in honor of celebrity disc jockey DJ AM.

Nearby, a cluster of fashionistas in skintight get-ups thronged the velvet rope of the Vice Hollywood "ultra lounge." Similar scenes unfolded down the block at the swanky watering hole S Bar and the perpetually paparazzo-surrounded restaurant Katsuya. Available parking spaces were virtually nonexistent, and the streets pulsed with the hustle and flow of youthful carousing.

"It's getting insane," said Matt Colon, a night-life promoter who has been making the rounds here for the last decade. "It's gotten so packed."

Added electro-rapper Red Foo: "Hollywood is one of the hottest scenes in the world right now."