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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LMFAO's 10 Party Rules - Showingout.com

University of Florida Greek Life Gives LMFAO a SHOT

I'm in Gainesville, Trick!

University of Florida's Delta Gamma sorority showed their love for LMFAO in a banner displayed on their house on campus.

The banner, which they designed for the fraternity Sigma Phi Epislon's philanthropy event, won best overall. It reads "Delta Gamma has a SHOT for Sip Ep: Surf Frenzy '09." The talented girls also painted realistic renderings of Redfoo and Sky Blu.

In addition to using LMFAO on their banner, the DG girls had an LMFAO-themed routine for the fraternity's dance competition, dancing to "I'm In Miami Trick" and college favorite, the inspirational song "Yes."

DG won the competition, which included all 16 UF sororities.

Surf Frenzy, Sig Ep's annual philanthropy event, raised over $30,000 for the Florida Diabetes Camp, the largest amount of money ever raised by an individual philanthropy at UF. Good job, guys!

To learn more about the philanthropy, visit their website: http://www.floridadiabetescamp.org.

Thank you to Clint McDaniel, a University of Florida Sig Ep, for the information and thank you to the ladies of Delta Gamma for supporting LMFAO and showing your college that LMFAO isn't just about having fun; we also inspire change. Congratulations on raising an impressive amount of money for a very worthy cause.

The ladies of Delta Gamma, University of Florida

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Party Rock Crew heading to London baby baby!!

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Refresh Everything with LMFAO!

Be part of the biggest music collaboration ever!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Fan Video! I'm in Miami Bitch!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

LMFAO Performing Tonight On The Real World Reunion Show!

Don't Miss LMFAO appearing & performing "La La La" on The Real World Reunion special…plus, catch a clip of the "La La La" video during the show & a credit squeeze of the video right after the show! Airs TONIGHT @ 10 PM ET/PT on MTV!
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LMFAO Announce Party Rock Tour Dates


SANTA MONICA, Calif., Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Los Angeles based electro hip-hop duo LMFAO have a mission, "to make the world a party planet, one city at a time." Redfoo and Sky Blu call it Party Rock, and it's the name of their debut album, label, clothing line and now fall headlining tour. The party kicks off November 5th in Reno, Nevada at Pearl at Grand Sierra (see below for complete tour dates) and along for the ride will be Far East Movement, Paradiso Girls and Lady Gaga's DJ Space Cowboy doing a live performance. Additional DJ sets by Million $ Mano.

The Party Rock Tour, produced by Live Nation and Moodswing360, is not just a show; it's a completely new concert experience. For their first U.S. headlining tour LMFAO are creating a non-stop party of continuous music open to all ages. Million $ Mano will be spinning in between sets so the party never stops. Tickets for most shows go on sale Saturday, September 19th, and you won't find a face value ticket price higher than $20. For more information and to purchase tickets for LMFAO's Party Rock Tour visit www.partyrocktour.com.

LMFAO released their full length set "Party Rock" on July 7th where it debuted at # 33 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Party poppin' tunes "I'm In Miami Bitch" and "La La La" are hit singles and songs the duo performed on MTV's Real World Cancun, America's Got Talent and more. Foo and Sky (as they refer to each other) are long time producers having done remixes for Kanye, Fergie, Katy Perry, Crystal Method, Black Eyed Peas and more.

Party Rock Tour is presented by Live Nation, Interscope Records, Cherrytree Records, Party Rock, RPM Group and Moodswing360. LMFAO is managed by RPM Group. Their agency is Moodswing360.

A complete list of Party Rock Tour dates is below:

Thursday, November 5.............Reno, NV............Pearl at Grand Sierra
Friday, November 6.................Las Vegas, NV.....House of Blues
Saturday, November 7.............Los Angeles, CA...The Wiltern **on sale 9/26
Monday, November 9...............Portland, OR........Hawthorne Theatre
Tuesday, November 10............Vancouver BC.......Gossip
Thursday, November 12...........Seattle, WA.........Showbox
Saturday, November 14............Boise, ID............Knitting Factory
Tuesday, November 17.............Englewood, CO....Gothic Theatre
Wednesday, November 18.........Lincoln, NE.........Bourbon Theatre
Thursday, November 19.............Lawrence, KS......Granada Theater
Friday, November 20.................St. Louis, MO......The Pageant
Saturday, November 21.............Milwaukee, WI.....The Rave
Sunday, November 22...............Chicago, IL..........Congress Theatre
Tuesday, November 24..............Des Moines, IA....People's Court
Friday, November 27.................Pontiac, MI......... Clutch Cargos
Saturday, November 28.............Cleveland, OH......House of Blues
Sunday, November 29...............Pittsburgh, PA......Diesel
Monday, November 30..............State College, PA..The Cell Block
Tuesday, December 1...............Philadelphia, PA....Theatre of the Living Arts
Thursday, December 3..............New Haven, CT.....Toad's Place
Friday, December 4..................New York, NY........Irving Plaza
Sunday, December 6................Farmingdale, NY....Crazy Donkey
Tuesday, December 8...............Richmond, VA.......The National
Wednesday, December 9...........Norfolk, VA..........The Norva
Thursday, December 10.............Charlotte, NC.......The Fillmore
Friday, December 11.................Myrtle Beach, SC...House of Blues
Monday, December 14...............Orlando, FL..........Firestone
Thursday, December 17.............Houston, TX.........House of Blues
Friday, December 18.................Dallas, TX............House of Blues
Saturday, December 19.............San Antonio, TX....The White Rabbit
Sunday, December 20...............McAllen, TX...........Las Palmas Event Center
For more information on all artists on the party tour of the season click on the links below:
Christine Wolff
Interscope Geffen A&M
(212) 841-8048

Gabby Revilla
(646) 808-1351 ext. 4

Lmfao lost member


Purchase Tickets Here

LMFAO Pepsi Refresh Studio!

LMFAO Explains It All!!

Pepsi Refresh Spot

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Its sold out at Houstons in Brandon Canada baby baby!!!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


La La La La  La La La La  La La La La........Ladies!!!!  Show your love to the world with our newest addition to PartyRockLife.com : La La La Heart Hoop Earrings!  Get yours NOW!!!!

Fan Video

"I'm in Las Vegas Bitch"

Awwwwwwww damn!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm In Tampa Bitch, or Why LMFAO is the Greatest Group in the World

"Remember the time when you were looking through the peephole and I hit you in the head with a pillow and smashed your face into the door?" Sky reminisced to Q as we crammed into the van taking us from Miami to Tampa, Florida.

Our driver Tommy was on the phone, frantically trying to contact the staff at the Fontainebleau to find out if we left our alcohol behind (we were transporting Patron and a huge bottle of Ultimat vodka from city to city) while Foo tried figuring out why the backpack (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_eBxCpLYhA) was soaking wet (it turns out the champagne bottle that DJ Air exploded two nights prior in Orlando soaked through the carpet).

Once the alcohol was located, we crammed into our normal positions--Ian up front with Tommy, Pete (armed with the camera) and Foo (with his legs stretched in someone's face) in the first row, me (sandwiched between Q and Air) in the middle, and Sky and Reek in the back.

"I said I like salty, buttery stuff," I hear Air say as the entire van busts out laughing. "We have a deal," Reek explains to me. "Everytime he says something that makes him seem gay, there's money that adds up. Each statement is worth a dollar amount. Once we reach a certain amount, he has to admit he's gay."

Meanwhile, Q is reaching out to hold Air's hand. Sky is rubbing Q's neck. Everyone cracks up again.

We stopped at a gas station/deli before hitting Alligator Alley, a section of I-75 that literally has nothing along it for many miles. The boys proceeded to gorge on BBQ while Foo entertained himself with a plastic alligator head on a stick. He spent a solid ten minutes trying to capture the perfect shot, making it appear that the alligator was eating Q's head. I think we all can agree it was very realistic.

As we were pulling out of the gas station, Sky earned his new nickname, "Sky Irwin." We had Tommy stop the van so he could rescue a huge turtle in the road and bring him to safety in the brush on the side of the highway.

It was almost 7 p.m. when we finally got out of the car (the rest of the ride consisted of us taking pictures of Air sleeping with his mouth gaping open and Pete recording Foo having a business argument on the phone). It was straight to soundcheck at the Kennedy, where we met up with a video crew there to film LMFAO perform "I'm In Ibiza Bitch." LMFAO was originally set to play in Ibiza, but a conflict with another performance interfered. However, the video footage of the boys performing the Ibiza version of "I'm In Miami Bitch" will be played over there. LMFAO also did a version of the song for DJ/producer David Guetta (http://www.davidguetta.com), who frequently plays in Ibiza. His song goes, "I'm David Guetta, bitch" and he reportedly plays it in the clubs frequently.

While waiting for Foo to finish up his epic phone conversation (yes, it was still going on over an hour later), the rest of the Party Rock Crew hung out in the parking lot. We were excited to hear the creepy but welcoming music coming from an ice cream truck. As soon as it busted into the parking lot, Reek, Air, Pete and I ran up to it like we were five years old.

The Krazy ice cream man should be an honorary member of the Party Rock Crew for his top-notch ice cream recommendations. He suggested several vulgar-sounding treats for Air (to Reek's delight), who settled on a popsicle called something like a "big blue explosion."

Once inside the Kennedy, we lounged in what is typically the VIP section. Foo and Sky took pictures with some fans that showed up and the cameras, which started rolling at the ice cream truck outside, continued to record the Party Rock Crew's goofy antics, which included DJ Air inserting a "reserved" sign into his pants. Unfotunately for all of us, laundry wasn't an option for most of the Florida leg of the trip, so he went Don't Judge Me boxers-less for a period of days.

He explained to us that he was just reserving this for Ian Fletcher--very thoughtful.

Foo, Sky, Air, and Q killed it by the second take with "I'm in Ibiza Bitch", Coronas in hand.

We made a pit stop at Best Buy on our way to the hotel to get some electronic equipment and batteries. Reek, Foo and I analyzed Jay Z's new album, which Reek blasted out of the store's speakers while the rest of the boys ran around and played. While we were checking out, Foo suggested that we see if they had any Party Rock albums in stock. Not surprisingly, there was only one left.

We had about half an hour to shower and change into new Party Rock Gear before Tommy took us out to dinner at Cheap in South Tampa. The Sangria was flowing like water and I would estimate that some of us had a minimum of 7 glasses. We pigged out on sushi tacos and ceviche--everything was amazing; much love to Tommy for the hook-up. Video cameras recorded us the entire time, capturing every word and every bite.

Some LMFAO fans were present, Cheap's DJ played "Shooting Star" and the restaurant's televisions showed the video for "I'm In Miami Bitch."

From dinner, it was off to Hyde Park Cafe (HPC), a South Tampa club associated with both Cheap and the Kennedy. We were definitely feeling the Sangria (it took Air and I a little while to realize we were actually outside, despite the sky and palm trees), so it took some convincing to get party animal Foo to join the rest of us in taking shots of Cafe Patron. The club was playing a Spanish version of Ballin', so we didn't last there long.

Meanwhile, Sky, Tommy, and another guy from HPC realized they were triplets.

Despite Dayglow, a popular traveling music event, falling on the same night, LMFAO brought a huge crowd out to the Kennedy. We weren't sure what to expect, but it turned out that everyone was there for LMFAO--that's what we like to see!

We continued our pre-party in the VIP section as I scanned the audience. I spotted personalized shirts reading "I Love LMFAO" and even some Party Rock Gear. Tommy climbed on stage to announce the boys: "I had the pleasure of driving the Party Rock Crew from Orlando to Miami to Tampa and I have to tell you, they are all about the party and all about the people," he said. "Are ya'll ready for LMFAO?"

The fans' screams were defeaning.

The crowd helped LMFAO kick off the show by joining in on "Rock the Beat." It was a full set, so the fans got to hear "Get Crazy" and, of course, girls were fl-flashing their titties, eager for a shot of Patron.

"This is like 'Party Rock Gone Wild,'" Sky said. "We need to start that."
It was a hard task keeping the throngs of girls off the stage, especially during "La La La", so we just gave up and let everyone on. At one point, at least 75 percent of the audience was on stage, dancing and singing with LMFAO in true Party Rock style. The stage was legitimately exploding with girls. The lights went out and we started spraying champagne everywhere.

The hit of the night: the Cassie remix. In the couple days following the show, I received about a hundred requests for the Cassie remix file. The crowd completely lost control when Air dropped it.

To sum up the show in one word, it was insane. LMFAO is probably the only group in the world that not only loves, but thrives on, having all of the fans on stage with them, being a part of the show. The energy was truly unbelievable and just re-affirmed why LMFAO is the greatest band on the planet.

Watch LMFAO perform "Lil' Hipster Girl" at the Kennedy here: http://www.partyrockpeople.com/view.aspx?id=8441.

After the show, we socialized with all of the fans outside for awhile before getting into our van. Tommy somehow ended up in the trunk, rather than in the driver's seat, which cracked everyone up. As we were pulling away, Pistol Pete asked me, "How does it feel to officially be a part of the Party Rock Crew?"

I think Tommy put it best in the speech he gave us back in the hotel lobby. It was actually a really moving speech--there was a lot of laughing, of course, but I have to say I teared up a bit. "It has been my pleasure driving these people, the Party Rock Crew, all over the state," he said. "They are the most amazing people you will ever get to know...I've never laughed so much...they really party hard...they are one-of-a-kind...I had the time of my life."

I think the only word to describe how it feels is "amazing." What so many of you see (and hear) is the music, the performance, some of the crazy antics captured on film--what I hope you can see more often is the all of the hard work, the passion, the friendship, the laughter, the lifestyle.

My room became the party room and while Pete was preoccupied with some pillows, I doubled as bartender (fixing drinks for fans and friends) and caretaker. After seeing that all the fans made it safely down to the lobby before 5 a.m., I managed to squeeze in ten minutes of sleep before running some clean Party Rock Gear down to the guys in their van. They had to make a 7 a.m. flight back to California before leaving for a tour of Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. As for me, I'm working on all things LMFAO until I'm back on tour with the boys and, I have to tell you, I've never looked forward to anything more in my life.

Keep rockin', Party People. Until next time...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm In Miami Bitch ": Are ya'll ready to see the hottest band on the planet?"

When we pulled into the city that started it all, Sky Blu pointed out the hotel they stayed at when he and Redfoo came up with "I'm In Miami Bitch."

Further down the street was our current hotel, the breathtaking Fontainebleau. Even though the location is the same, LMFAO has come a long way.
Shortly after check-in and a brief nap, it was off to the first of two interviews. We longingly looked out at the pool and the ocean, but there was no time to play, only to admire.

The boys sat down for an interview with Deco Drive (http://www.decodrive.com) at Gotham, the restaurant in the Fontainebleau. We were served the amazing puprle drinks, Foo's recommendation, and I can't tell you what's even in these things, but I can tell you they're worth booking a flight to Miami simply to get one.

The interviewer asked Foo and Sky about everything under the sun--from PartyRockPeople (http://www.partyrockpeople.com) and the clothing line (http://www.partyrocklife.com) to Miami-specific questions.

"I was in the Keys recently and a yacht went by with topless girls blasting your song [I'm In Miami Bitch]," the interviewer told the boys. "You guys have officially made it."

Foo and Sky shared funny stories from the road: "Last night was kind of violent," Sky said. "It started with Foo spraying a botle of Moet in our van." Foo took out his iPhone to play the video of us screaming and splashing in the champagne.
"How are you guys still alive?" the interviewer joked.

Reek, Pete and I watched the interview and couldn't contain our laughter. Foo and Sky's humor never ceases to make you laugh so hard, you almost spit out your fancy purple drink.

"Fans can't get crazy and punch me in the face," Foo joked, referring to an incident we had in Orlando the previous night.

"Why no lenses?" they were asked. "Because we're not shady," Sky responded.
How would LMFAO decribe their music in three words "Party...Rock...yabitch!"

After the Gotham interview, it was off to LIV, the nightclub in the Fontainebleau, for a second interview. With just five minutes to spare for us to change into I'm In Miami Bitch Party Rock Gear, it was time to get to the first show of the night at Florida International University.

A tour bus, courtesy of the radio station Y100, was waiting and the consensus among the Party Rock Crew was that that's the only way to travel from now on. We had comfortable sofas and soft pillows--even a bathroom, though it didn't work at the time.

It was dark and starting to rain when we arrived at FIU, but the weather didn't stop the crowd from piling into the outdoor field and screaming in anticipation. The show was a fraternity event for Phi Gamma Delta, known as FIJI.

The introduction for LMFAO was fitting: "Are ya'll ready to see the hottest band on the planet?"

The crowd went even crazier than usual for the opener, "I'm In Miami Bitch"...because we were!

The crowd went just as wild for "La La La" and the boys got everyone jumping up and down by the end of the song. During "Shots", all of the fans were waving their arms and fist pumping. Foo, Sky and Q's dancing was better than ever before and it was clear just how happy everyone was to be there: LMFAO brought their spirits up despite the gloomy weather.

Even though they weren't set to perform "Yes", they did it anyway and, sure enough, the FIU kids knew every word. "It's definitely a college song," Foo said.

The girls in the audience thanked him by getting particularly rowdy when screaming the line, "Foo, your royal penis is clean!"

The rain started coming down hard, but Foo and Sky stopped to pose for pictures with the brothers of FIJI.

"Oh my God, that was so cool! We're going to have the best recruitment this year," one member said. "We're going to blow everyone out of the water. Now that we brought LMFAO here, no one can touch us. We're gonna have a huge pledge class."

On the way back to the tour bus, girls ran up to stop me in the golf cart carrying me and Q. "Can I please have one of your bracelets? I'd do anything for one," a fan said to me as I handed both her and her friend the pink LMFAO Party Rock Album Tour bracelets. Screaming girls took off running toward the boys as we tried to get back on the bus, but Foo and Sky didn't mind braving the rain for a few minutes to put a smile on some fans' faces.

Back on the bus, there were the usual hilarious Party Rock Crew antics. Pete, Q, DJ Air, and I were smashed up together on the sofa so Foo, Sky and Ian could sprawl out. "Ya'll look like the damn Brady Bunch all lined up against each other," Sky said. "Pete's the dad, Elle's the mom, and Air and Q are the adpoted Mexicans."

Ian volunteered a vital piece of information. "In Miami, we don't call girls 'squashas.' Here, we have to call them 'chongas.' It works because 'chonga' means 'gorilla' in Spanish."

We had some time to squeeze in a nap before scrambling to get ready for our 10 p.m. dinner at Gotham. The club owners, promoters, and a handful of girls joined me, Foo, Reek, Q, and Air in a private room. They started us with round of drinks followed by countless shots of Patron and Cafe Patron. Most of the table joined us in doing the shots in true Party Rock fashion: Foo started it out for us with, "shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots...everyyybodyyy!"

The food was out-of-this-world amazing; we were even daring enough to try some octopus (which, as you can imagine, caused some joking among the boys). Tennis was the talk of the table as everyone watched the US Open; we also found out Lil' Jon was joining us at LIV to perform Shots with LMFAO.

We had a brief pre-party that consisted of Foo, Q, myself, and about 20 girls before heading down to LIV. It's one of the most beautiful clubs I've ever seen and though the crowd was tough to please, it was ridiculously crowded for LMFAO.

Champagne and Goose flowed in the VIP section and Lil' Jon was there rocking his "I'm In Miami Bitch" shirt.

LIV made it easy to proudly say, "I'm in Miami, bitch" as the Party Rock Crew and Lil' Jon got the party started. Bottles were poppin', girls were dancing on booths, and it was past 2 a.m. before LMFAO took the stage.

LMFAO performed "La La La", "I'm In Miami Bitch" (of course), "Shots" and, the biggest hit of the night, the "Shots" remix. Even the journalists were in awe as LMFAO and Lil' Jon jumped around the stage and sprayed the audience with champagne. Some of Miami's "beautiful people" didn't take too kindly to being doused in alcohol, but that's the only way to do it with LMFAO. Don't judge them!
Even the journalists and photographers on stage were in awe. "I've never seen anything like this," they exclaimed to me.

The party continued until past 4 a.m. in the VIP section, which was even twice as crowded as it was before the performance began. Suddenly, everyone wanted to get up close and personal with LMFAO.

The Party Rock Crew went their separate ways--Pete and Sky took a dip in the ocean while Reek, Ian, and I stuck it out at LIV longer than everybody. We socialized with some fans in the lobby until Foo and I went on a 6:30 a.m. pizza run in a cab to South Beach.

It was another short night of sleeping before waking up to head to Tampa, Florida the following morning. The weather was perfect--palm trees swaying, the sun beating down, the giant pool filled with beautiful people...even as we drove away, it was easy to see why this place made Sky and Foo say, "I'm in Miami, bitch" two years ago and why everyone continues to say it to this day.
-Elle Galerman

I'm In Orlando Bitch

"Where are we?" Foo asked as soon as we arrived at our hotel in Orlando, Florida.

It was a long drive from Tallahassee, Florida in a van packed with suitcases, laptops, the keytar, Subway sandwiches and the Party Rock Crew.

Foo claimed that, according to doctor's orders, he was required to stretch his legs out during the ride, justifying why his head was resting on Q's shoulder and his legs were crushing mine for most of the four-hour drive.

We luckily had the day off, but it was spent working rather than lounging. The party rock crew parties hard, but works really hard, too.

Foo stayed up past midnight working on the remix of the Shwayze song, "Get U Home", while I worked on uploads and an article on the Tallahassee show. Pete ran back and forth, doing everything under the sun; Sky and Foo also worked on clips for Pepsi.

Sky had to wake Foo up to work on the Pepsi clip and while most people would be groggy, Foo immediately turned into his usual, hilarious self and it worked out flawlessly.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Party Rock Crew watched the University of Miami beat the Florida State Seminoles.

The following day, we woke up at 2:30 p.m. and got right back to work. Foo continued working on the remix (it's going to be a good one and I can't get it out of my head) while Q, DJ Air, and Ian went to soundcheck at the Roxy. I was on a mission to find some snacks, but there was no sign of civilization anywhere near our hotel. I walked to the highway then back in the other direction. I found myself roaming through a random, rundown neighborhood in a La La La dress, getting hollered at by passerbys. Eventually, I stumbled upon what appeared to be a shack in ruins, but was actually a convenience store. Foo requested blue tortilla chips and fresh salsa; all I could bring back for us was stale chips, cookies and Coronas.

We went to dinner at Hooters; there was a sign reading, "LMFAO Signing and Pre-Party 8:30 p.m.", but it was past 10 when we rolled up with our beloved driver Tommy, who we jokingly refer to as Sky's twin. With the long dark curls and glasses, there's a striking resemblance. The Hooters girls hooked us up with shots of Patron, amazing Sangria, wings, oysters, calamari, the works. With the exception of the blue mojito (DJ Air's unfortunate recommendation), everything was delicious. Q and Air had one of the Hooters girls go up to Ian Fletcher, pull up a chair, and casusally say, "you're a squasha ass foo." The girls also let us steal a Tampa Bay Bucs flag off the wall for Q.

The Hooters girls also loved our Party Rock Gear, available at http://www.partyrocklife.com.

The van ride from Hooters back to our hotel was something meant for reality TV. The boys proceeded to attack each other with the red backscratchers (seen in Q's hand in the above photo). I didn't get one because Pistol Pete felt the need to arm himself with two as he was sitting in the back with Sky, the ringleader. Those backscratchers went where few things have gone before.

"If I scratch my nuts with this [hand slapper...another name for the backscratcher] for five minutes, would you lick if after?" Q asked Sky with a completely serious facial expression.

After quickly freshening up, it was back into the van and off to the Roxy, a nightclub in Orlando where LMFAO was set to play that night. Reek couldn't join us because he ate too much candy. A combination of gummy bears, chocolate, and mixed nuts proved to be deadly.

Immediately after piling into the van, everyone picked up on a foul and intoxicating scent taking over. It turned out it was Ian Fletcher's cologne.
"You have no class, no taste," Ian said to Air in resposne to a comment about the unsavory odor.

"Just because you wear cheap cologne, doesn't mean I don't have taste," he responded. "That's, like, spicy."

Our driver told us he received word that there was a line wrapped around the Roxy hours prior to the performance. Sure enough, when we arrived, the club was packed as far as the eye could see. In the VIP section, we had bottles and ice cold Coronas waiting; promoters and girls joined us for a little pre-party. The Roxy had a really original set-up so that the VIP area with the tables was practically on the stage.

Fans got to socialize in the VIP area onstage, so I took the opportunity to interact with the fans and get their take on LMFAO.

"They're just so much fun. Seeing them play at a club is a hundred times better than listening to a DJ play anything else. They get the party started," one fan said.

"I don't want to be that annoying girl...you must get so many girls like that every night," another fan said to me. "I don't want you to think I'm a groupie. You know, as the only girl with them, you probably get a lot of girls sucking up to you, but I just love the music." Interestingly enough, she threw in that line from "I Am Not A Whore." I wasn't annoyed at all, I told her--in fact, I found the fans in the VIP area at this particular show to be really genuine. The fan interaction that LMFAO provides is unlike anything else. You can have a beer with the boys, do a shot--anything goes.

LMFAO took the stage a little after 1 a.m. Fans lingered in the VIP area while hundreds, if not thousands, more crowded around the stage to scream along to "I'm In Orlando Bitch."

Ian joined the boys onstage several times to do shots and sing along to Lil' Hipster Girl. "I got to show some love to AM when he's in the place," was shouted by nearly every fan in the audience.

After showering the audience in Corona, pouring Patron in the mouths of at least 50 girls, and killing it as always, Foo, Sky, and the rest of the Party Rock Crew moved the party back to the VIP section. LMFAO continued to drink and chat with the fans before we decided to see how many people we could squeeze in the van and bring back to the hotel.

We brought at least 10 fans back with us; our driver Tommy was out of commission at that point, so Pistol Pete took the wheel. Of course, that didn't mean he had to stop taking photos!

Air snuck out a bottle of champagne--only he, Foo, and I were in on it at this point--and proceeded to pop it and spray the entire van with a champagne shower. Everyone loved it--I mean, who doesn't like to bathe in bubbly?

The hotel afterparty spread out to at least three of our rooms. There were some altercations, but mostly a lot of laughs. We definitely got a lot of inside jokes. One lesson we learned that night: girls fight dirtier than guys.

Bedtime for the Party Rock Crew was around 6:30 or 7 a.m. We had to leave for Miami by 9 a.m., if I remember correctly. The last thing I recall from that evening was Foo sprawled in bed in his Don't Judge Me boxers singing, "I'd never thought I'd be on a boat" out-of-tune.

The only way to describe Orlando: epic. They call it Whorelando for a reason, but LMFAO doesn't know about that. I...am not...a whore. I just love the music.

Elle Galerman



LMFAO Rocks Tallahassee at the Rivalry Music Festival

Party Rock brought college rivals, the Florida State University Seminoles and the University of Miami Hurricanes, together at the Rivalry Music Festival in Tallahassee, Florida

Thousands of Florida State University and University of Miami students, along with thousands more locals and visitors from all over the state of Florida, packed into the back lot surrounding the outdoor stage at Floyd’s Music Store in Tallahassee, Florida on Sunday night, September 6.
The Rivalry Music Festival, featuring LMFAO and world-famous DJs, brought nearly everyone in Tallahassee to the Strip along Tennessee Street.
LMFAO was the talk of the crowd. “I can’t wait to see them. I bought [their CD], Party Rock, the day it came out. I’ve been waiting for this show forever,” one fan said backstage.
The anticipation was intense until a Florida State University Committee Entertainment member announced, “LMFAO is in the house! Let’s bring them out with a chant!” The audience immediately knew what that meant.
“LMFAO rock the beat and rock the show!”
“Oh my God, Oh my God, there they are!” another fan backstage screamed, clutching her friend’s arm and jumping up and down.
LMFAO’s Redfoo and Sky Blu joined dancer Q and DJ Air onstage to the tune of what could have easily been 10,000 screaming, adoring fans, while the event’s promoters began panicking. “Where’s the Goose at?” they shouted frantically. The crisis was quickly averted when the bottles of Grey Goose and Patron made an appearance.
The crowd completely transformed as soon as the boys took the stage—everyone immediately came to life. Instead of fighting fans of the opposing team, LMFAO fans came together to party rock.

The crowd went crazy at the mention of DJ AM during “Lil’ Hipster Girl” and bikini-clad fans scrambled for their chance to get on stage during “La La La”, but it was “Yes” that was the crowd pleaser of the night. Everyone on stage and off went wild, shouting out every single word.
Fans waved customized “I’m In Tally Bitch” shirts as flags and Foo even put one on before launching into a one-of-a-kind version of “I’m In Miami Bitch.” While LMFAO typically replaces “Miami” with the city in which they’re performing, there were almost as many Miami fans as there were Florida State ones. The logical conclusion? The boys managed to please the entire crowd, alternating between “I’m in Tally, bitch” AND “I’m in Miami, bitch.”
Check out the video here: http://partyrockpeople.com/view.aspx?id=7650
The FSU/UM pride wasn’t limited to the audience, either. Foo waved a UM flag and Sky threw up the U while crowd surfing. When fans flung a FSU Seminoles banner on stage, Sky proudly displayed it before draping it over the keyboard.

It was hot but the raining Miller Lite and Goose that Foo and Miami Heat’s DJ Irie sprayed out on the audience cooled things down. More girls climbed on stage and stripped down into bikinis during "Shooting Star."

DJ Irie held it down with LMFAO, dancing on the speakers in his Miami polo and crowd surfing. His ear-to-ear grin matched every fan’s in the audience. It said it all: LMFAO makes people happy, plain and simple.
"LMFAO put on an incredible show at Rivalry Music Festival, igniting both Canes and Noles Fans!" DJ Irie said.
“This was even better than we expected. This was the biggest show, the biggest anything that Tallahassee has ever seen,” Jose Martinez, one of the event’s coordinators, said following the performance. “It was so packed out there. This was even bigger than [Tallahassee’s biggest annual event] St. Patty’s day on the Strip. LMFAO put on a f*cking show.”
“We LOVE you guys,” Damian from Ultra Music Festival told me.
Back at the hotel, the party continued with, of course, more Goose and Patron. The two fans that brought Foo a matching customized I’m In Tally Bitch shirt came up to me, telling me they would “do anything for LMFAO.”
“We drove here all the way from Columbus, Georgia,” they said. “Whenever LMFAO is anywhere around here, we come to see them. We are there no matter what.”

Foo and fans at the after party in TallahasseeQ and fans at the after party

Many thanks to Committee Entertainment and everyone that played a part in coordinating the Rivalry Music Festival—LMFAO killed it and no one could ask for a better crowd. Tallahassee, Florida definitely knows how to Party Rock.