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Saturday, September 12, 2009

LMFAO Rocks Tallahassee at the Rivalry Music Festival

Party Rock brought college rivals, the Florida State University Seminoles and the University of Miami Hurricanes, together at the Rivalry Music Festival in Tallahassee, Florida

Thousands of Florida State University and University of Miami students, along with thousands more locals and visitors from all over the state of Florida, packed into the back lot surrounding the outdoor stage at Floyd’s Music Store in Tallahassee, Florida on Sunday night, September 6.
The Rivalry Music Festival, featuring LMFAO and world-famous DJs, brought nearly everyone in Tallahassee to the Strip along Tennessee Street.
LMFAO was the talk of the crowd. “I can’t wait to see them. I bought [their CD], Party Rock, the day it came out. I’ve been waiting for this show forever,” one fan said backstage.
The anticipation was intense until a Florida State University Committee Entertainment member announced, “LMFAO is in the house! Let’s bring them out with a chant!” The audience immediately knew what that meant.
“LMFAO rock the beat and rock the show!”
“Oh my God, Oh my God, there they are!” another fan backstage screamed, clutching her friend’s arm and jumping up and down.
LMFAO’s Redfoo and Sky Blu joined dancer Q and DJ Air onstage to the tune of what could have easily been 10,000 screaming, adoring fans, while the event’s promoters began panicking. “Where’s the Goose at?” they shouted frantically. The crisis was quickly averted when the bottles of Grey Goose and Patron made an appearance.
The crowd completely transformed as soon as the boys took the stage—everyone immediately came to life. Instead of fighting fans of the opposing team, LMFAO fans came together to party rock.

The crowd went crazy at the mention of DJ AM during “Lil’ Hipster Girl” and bikini-clad fans scrambled for their chance to get on stage during “La La La”, but it was “Yes” that was the crowd pleaser of the night. Everyone on stage and off went wild, shouting out every single word.
Fans waved customized “I’m In Tally Bitch” shirts as flags and Foo even put one on before launching into a one-of-a-kind version of “I’m In Miami Bitch.” While LMFAO typically replaces “Miami” with the city in which they’re performing, there were almost as many Miami fans as there were Florida State ones. The logical conclusion? The boys managed to please the entire crowd, alternating between “I’m in Tally, bitch” AND “I’m in Miami, bitch.”
Check out the video here: http://partyrockpeople.com/view.aspx?id=7650
The FSU/UM pride wasn’t limited to the audience, either. Foo waved a UM flag and Sky threw up the U while crowd surfing. When fans flung a FSU Seminoles banner on stage, Sky proudly displayed it before draping it over the keyboard.

It was hot but the raining Miller Lite and Goose that Foo and Miami Heat’s DJ Irie sprayed out on the audience cooled things down. More girls climbed on stage and stripped down into bikinis during "Shooting Star."

DJ Irie held it down with LMFAO, dancing on the speakers in his Miami polo and crowd surfing. His ear-to-ear grin matched every fan’s in the audience. It said it all: LMFAO makes people happy, plain and simple.
"LMFAO put on an incredible show at Rivalry Music Festival, igniting both Canes and Noles Fans!" DJ Irie said.
“This was even better than we expected. This was the biggest show, the biggest anything that Tallahassee has ever seen,” Jose Martinez, one of the event’s coordinators, said following the performance. “It was so packed out there. This was even bigger than [Tallahassee’s biggest annual event] St. Patty’s day on the Strip. LMFAO put on a f*cking show.”
“We LOVE you guys,” Damian from Ultra Music Festival told me.
Back at the hotel, the party continued with, of course, more Goose and Patron. The two fans that brought Foo a matching customized I’m In Tally Bitch shirt came up to me, telling me they would “do anything for LMFAO.”
“We drove here all the way from Columbus, Georgia,” they said. “Whenever LMFAO is anywhere around here, we come to see them. We are there no matter what.”

Foo and fans at the after party in TallahasseeQ and fans at the after party

Many thanks to Committee Entertainment and everyone that played a part in coordinating the Rivalry Music Festival—LMFAO killed it and no one could ask for a better crowd. Tallahassee, Florida definitely knows how to Party Rock.

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