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Making a HEY! Sign for the I'm In Miami Bitch Video

We need all our fans that are gonna be in the video to make big signs that say HEY! and on the others side you can write a lyric of your choice for the I'M IN MIAMI BITCH Video!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Right now LMFAO is #4 on Itunes Electronic music chart, we need your help to take it to #1 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


LMFAO went to banana split on Sunday to hear some Electro and to meet some nice young Lady's who are not obsessed with there packages.( 1 out of 2 ain't bad ) They stepped on the scene to see DJ AM on the 1's and 2's spinning one of there tracks. Watch the video to see what happened.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

LMFAO in Vans Blog!

Mad props to Nikki S. for throwin LMFAO in her Vans Blog... click here to check the post

Totally LMFAO.

Humor me while I tell you a story. Around Christmas of last year two guys walked up to my friend Anna outside of Jimmy's in Hollywood. Introducing themselves as LMFAO, they gave her a free CD. Our gang did not know what to make of this album. Were they serious? Kinda, but not really. And come on, LMFAO? Self-aware sarcasm is mad hipster. Tripledouble bluff? Who cares? A year later...one, two, skip-a-few and LMFAO are playing shows all over the left coast.

I like these guys. Their music is fun for fun's sake with attitude somewhere between Plastic Little and L'Trimm. Their videos all look like home movies. Probably because they are. In the "Yes" video they pass the camera to each other while driving their own car.

One of their most played tracks, "I'm in Miami, Bitch," has scored 2 million plays on Myspace. Not too shabby. Vans even gets a shout out on that track, "I'm rocking Vans. I'm in the sand." I'm like, "Yes." Get up in their business here: LMFAO MYSPACE.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

LMFAO in MIAMI New Times

"Q&A with LMFAO"

Wed Nov 12, 2008 at 08:44:34 AM

STFU when LMFAO performs at Karu & Y.You’ve hear the track “I’m in Miami Bitch” more times than you care to count, but still it never fails to get you cracking a smile. And if the MySpace count is any indication, there’s almost 1.3 million people cracking smiles right along with you. Actually, smiles don’t even begin to describe the LOL that comes when this track kicks in any given club night. Then again when the tag team responsible for the song call themselves LMFAO what else would you expect?

But “Miami Bitch” is just one of the kooky hits kicked out by this Tinsel Town twosome, and but one of the snappy sentiments you’ll hear this weekend when LMFAO hit Karu & Y. New Times rang Red Foo and Sky Blu on the eve of their throwdown; here’s how they cut it up:

New Times: I’ve gotta ask: Why the name?

Red Foo: Well, why the name and how the name are a little different. Why is because we wanted a name to celebrate the kind of energy we like to live in, and having humor about life and having fun is extremely important to us, even as musicians. And we though Laughing My Fucking Ass Off would always remind us that we had to put some humor into our music.

NT: Okay, so how the name?

Sky Blu: We had a lotta different names at the beginning, we were called Mixed Nuts, then we changed that to Sexy Dudes. And I’m chatting with my grandma on AIM and I ask her what she thought of the new name and she simply put LMFAO R U Serious? And I saw Red Foo later and he said “Hey, that’s the name right there!”

So my grandma is credited with coming up with the name.

NT: You’ve got a hip, text messaging grandmother?

SB: Yeah, her aka is Grandma Goodfoot.

NT: You guys recently covered Kanye’s “Love Lockdown” -- what makes a song worthy of getting the LMFAO treatment?

RF: That’s a great question. The song was worthy because it wasn’t cut for the clubs. There were things that were missing, and one of the things was that it was unplayable in the clubs, which gave us an opportunity.

We knew DJs were gonna want a club version and we wanted to be one of the first to do that. It was an amazing thing because we heard it on the radio and immediately our hearts started racing with the idea, so we dropped everything and had it out in two days. When we submitted it to the blogs 15 other people had already done remixes, but within a matter of hours ours rose to the top. And within the first day the blogs were saying we’d done the best remix thus far. It was an amazing experience for us because we’d never had a song get that popular that fast.

NT: But you guys dug the song first, no?

RF: We loved the melody, and we loved the concept. But as you noticed we thought we could take the concept a little different. You know “love lockdown” they can’t be together. We’re saying the love is gone but we can still be together – in a sexual way. And we thought that lightened it up a bit.

NT: Do you have sex with a lot of your exes?

RF: Yes, I do. I always have sex after a break-up. It’s almost like a sunset clause; you at least get about 3 or 4 months of sex until finally it’s over.

NT: Isn't that called “break-up sex”?

SB: Yeah, break-up sex.

NT: “I’m in Miami Bitch” might be your biggest hit--– have you spent a lot of time down here?

RF: We haven’t spent that much time in Miami, but we’ve spent consecutive weeks there, starting two years ago when we first came down for WMC.

But we made the song before we’d ever even been there. We made that song imagining what it would be like, and kind of saying to ourselves ‘regardless of what it’s like, this is what we want it to be like,’ because we’d heard so much about Miami. And it became our kind of mission statement -- drink all day, play all night -- and if someone was too hung over in the morning to drink, we’d just play them the song and say, ‘Yo, this is the mantra, man.’

It’s almost like setting up rules for your vacation.

NT: So, you made the city live up to your expectations?

RF: Exactly. Exactly. We followed it to a T. We played Naked Twister, everything in the song we did.

NT: What can Miami expect when they see you Saturday night?

RF: They can expect to party ridiculously and to be in the presence of two individuals and their DJ – DJ Air, who’s now the official FMFAO DJ – who are very excited. Once we land, we are in Miami, bitch. You’re gonna get two dudes ready to have the best time of their lives.

SB: Even if you’re a person who lives in Miami, the vibe that we’re gonna give off is gonna have you feeling like ‘Man, it’s like a vacation!’

LMFAO performs at Karu & Y Saturday, November 5. Doors open at 10 p.m.; 21+; pre-sale tickets $10 at Wantickets.com.

-- John Hood

To see full article click here...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

LMFAO fan Video of the week


LMFAO on the TOP 4 @ 4 and on TOP 7 @ 7 on Power 106!

Today LMFAO's I'm in MiamiTrick was #4 on Power 106's Top 4 @ 4! Also, I'm in Miami Trick was #7 and The Love Lockdown Remix was #6 on the Top 7 @ 7!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Custom Merch Photoshoot

Here's a few pics from the photoshoot for the new custom LMFAO merch..

Check out these sexy mamas...

To see all the pics visit the LMFAO MYSPACE
And to buy custom merch visit the LMFAO STORE
(both links are on the right)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Redfoo in LA Times

"Clubs are hopping up in Hollywood"

Behind those velvet ropes, they're huge, packed and increasingly being crowded out by new competition. Downturn? Here, they're partying like it's 1999.

By Chris Lee and Charlie Amter 
November 2, 2008

It was past midnight on an unseasonably balmy Tuesday in Hollywood and the queue to enter the Avalon nightclub stretched nearly half a block down Vine Street, with would-be revelers clamoring to get into a charity benefit in honor of celebrity disc jockey DJ AM.

Nearby, a cluster of fashionistas in skintight get-ups thronged the velvet rope of the Vice Hollywood "ultra lounge." Similar scenes unfolded down the block at the swanky watering hole S Bar and the perpetually paparazzo-surrounded restaurant Katsuya. Available parking spaces were virtually nonexistent, and the streets pulsed with the hustle and flow of youthful carousing.

"It's getting insane," said Matt Colon, a night-life promoter who has been making the rounds here for the last decade. "It's gotten so packed."

Added electro-rapper Red Foo: "Hollywood is one of the hottest scenes in the world right now."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Video for Love Lockdown RMX (edited by DJCRIME)

ps. the LMFAO Rmx of "Love Lockdown" is still available for free on the LMFAO Myspace music player.. go get it if you already haven't!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Howard Stern plays "I Am Not a Whore"

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???!!! Howard Stern dropped "I Am Not a Whore" and "I'm In Miami Bitch" on his show today! How rad is that? Mad props to Howard and all the fans who commented to let us know.. thank you!

Click here to see full site..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

LMFAO in Source Magazine!

Guess who was in The Source!!??
Page 20, under "Unsigned Hype" there's a small article featuring the boys.. go cop that!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

S3A URCH1N Party Rock Update..

Hello party people... it's Jess. Just thought I'd let you know wassup:

The boys rocked it at club Element..
Click here to see more pics...

And Crazy horse...
Click here to see more pics...

Photos by Klub Events

& here's a look at some upcoming shows! (For more info check the calendar at LMFAOMUSIC.COM)

Oct 24 2008 12:00A
Avalon Hollywood

Oct 30 2008 12:00A
Manor Chicago, Illinois

Nov 1 2008 8:00P
Shark Club Cosa Mesa, California

Nov 12 2008 12:00A
330 Ritch San Francisco, California

Nov 15 2008 12:00A

Nov 18 2008 12:00A
Moon Nightclub @ The Palms Las Vegas, Nevada

Nov 22 2008 12:00A
Belly Up Nightclub Solana Beach, California

Banner 2 Banner 1 go!

ps. don't forget to check out the MERCH, something tells me there might be a new design in the works ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


LMFAO went to support DJ AM @ his benefit concert yesterday. LMFAO wasn't scheduled to perform but after numerous fans keep asking them when they were going on, They went on stage an asked Steve Aoki to do a song during his set. Steve said OK and suggested that they do Lil Hipster Girl. So LMFAO went out and did there thanggggggg!!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cassie uses I'm In MIami Bitch in her blog

My Homie Jamahl (J-Hits) who is a dope ass producer btw, hit me up on the email and said "Remember that girl that your friend met at hyde. Now she singing YOUR song my player" (paraphrased)...hahahaha...Cassie! you lookin' kinda cute!!!! -Foo

Check out her blog www.lovecassie.com

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Check out the LMFAO Myspace and download the "LMFAO/Kanye West Love Lockdown Rmx...

LMFAO in Scene Magazine

by Mike Thiel

Raise your glasses to everyone’s favorite internet acronym and now the West Coast’s hottest electro hip-hop duo: LMFAO. Short for “Laughing my (blanking) (blank) Off” (think about it), the group’s two members, Sky Blu and Redfoo, create songs that flood party playlists with high-energy hooks, vibrant content and hard-hitting dance beats. Currently living in Hollywood, California, Blu and Foo (who are actually related) are an unsigned sensation giving fans the perfect musical buzz with no hangover in sight.

The California-born duo expresses an eccentric style, not just through music but through their flashy clothing and amusing behavior. From purple pants to their unofficial hit single, “I’m in Miami B*tch,” LMFAO are known unknowns preparing for the big time. Their five-song EP Party Rock contains their party anthem dedicated to the Magic City, blazing the unforgettable chorus, “Drink all day/Play all night/Let’s get it poppin’/I’m in Miami b*tch.” Though the duo has the ability to release a full-length album, they decided that an EP was the best decision at the current time.

“We want to make the first album really exciting,” said Redfoo. “We want to set it up properly and come out with a big bang. If we’re the chefs and we’re a restaurant, we wanted to give people chips and salsa while they wait for the main course, and some bread and maybe some egg rolls.”

As of now, Party Rock’s Miami anthem has received the most airplay of any LMFAO song. According to the duo, “Yes” is the group’s top song in terms of personal feedback, but “I’m in Miami B*tch” is unquestionably their most popular. Nonetheless, the album’s fifth track, “I Am Not a Wh*re,” is apparently the ultimate banger at their live shows.

“The concept of everybody chanting and the simplicity of “I Am Not a Wh*re” at the shows just kills I think because of the risqué nature of it,” said Redfoo. “That word is just so fun to say. People love saying that word cause I guess…they never get to say it.”

Though it’s hard to beat the good chanting of a unified taboo, some fans have exchanged a shout in the crowd for a personal webcam. In fact, Youtube has seen a growing number of homemade “I Am Not a Wh*re” videos, which usually consists of awkward lip syncing and dancing, while the song blares in the background. Even so, it’s still hard to deny Party Rock’s single as the most powerful song on the EP. Not only is “I’m in Miami B*tch” the lead off LMFAO’s EP, but a remixed version with Pitbull is also the first single off of a Miami compilation album featuring several major label artists.

So how did this energetic duo and their epic anthem truly come to be? It’s as simple as one trip to Miami’s Winter Music Conference.

As said by Redfoo: “When we went down (to Miami) in ’07 (Sky Blu and I) were DJs in Hollywood and we made a mixtape before we left. That’s when we made Miami B*tch. We just imagined what it would be like in Miami. So we wrote about it, and we lived it, you know: drink all day, play all night and just a week of partying with straight non-stop girls, party, more girls, bikinis, drinking, party and we lived a whole week of that. But when we came back to L.A., we still were wearin’ our shorts. It was like 60 degrees and it was gettin’ cold but we still were wearin’ our shorts and people were like ‘Why are you dressed like that?’ and we’d be like ‘I’m in Miami b*tch.’ It became a mind state, so it was really that week in Miami when we were both like ‘This is all I wanna do.’”

After their legendary week in Miami, Blu and Foo decided to put their heads together and do what they had always joked about doing: forming an electro hip-hop group. Their family ties had brought them together in the past by way of each other’s solo projects, but they were about to discover a way to shine brighter than ever, both individually and as a team. And just one year later, on their second annual trip to the Miami Winter Conference, Blu and Foo’s jaws nearly smashed to the floor as their “regular guy” status was forever lost in hurricane country.

Explained Sky Blu: “The next year when we went to the Miami conference (in 2008), a lot of people knew who we were and we had people wearing our shirts everywhere. And last time, nobody knew who we were. Miami’s a milestone, where it all kind of started from.”

And the wild Miami partying syndrome never left Blu and Foo’s system, as LMFAO claims that they party “pretty hard” and are always known to have an after party at their hotel, complete with beer pong, Coronas and other standard party material.

“Different drinks for different situations” said Sky Blu, noting that he and his electro-rapping kin will enjoy some champagne at a nice dinner, Grey Goose and pineapple before a show and some Grey Goose and energy drink if they’re exhausted, representing their other “Miami B*tch” lyric, “I got a Red Bull and vodka up in my hand.” At least they’re true to their words.
LMFAO also claims that the outfits, the hair and the glasses with no lenses is not a façade. They dress that way around the clock.

“Why have a double life where you dress in a suit and then you go out and get crazy? We’re just like, ‘Let’s just do it all the time,’” said Redfoo.

From the sound of it, it’s easy to oversimplify LMFAO, classifying them into the “partying musicians” category, but underneath, these wild music heads are true entrepreneurs.

“We make all our own shirts. We designed our logo. We’re gonna start making some jeans and some jackets. Everything we’re doing, we try to make good decisions so that we don’t regret them,” said Redfoo, citing the group’s recent purchases of a shirt press, vinyl cutter and sewing machine.

LMFAO also creates and records all of their music, including the tedious tasks of mixing and mastering. Creating nearly every track with just a laptop, some high-end plug-ins and a handful of other equipment, LMFAO’s mixes are nothing short of magical.

“A lot of artists in the industry write songs like, ‘Okay we need three more songs,’ and they sit down and try to make the song, but we just live life. We go out every night, get it started and from our experience, things just happen,” said Sky Blu.

Things just happen. And a noticeable homemade essence hovers over each song, revealing not just a party track but a feeling: a feeling that the two have argued to keep while in discussion with major labels.

As Sky Blu and Redfoo went into some deep metaphorical thinking, the two came up with this excerpt: “If we’re the chefs, we’re gonna pick the ingredients and we’re gonna cook it to taste exactly how we want it and we’re gonna sample it along the way. Maybe add a shoe. Then we’re gonna make it just as spicy and then we’re gonna take that and serve our customers up a hot, good meal. We don’t want another chef re-cooking it.”

Fans have enjoyed the group’s “cooking” thus far as LMFAO’s Myspace page receives at least 10,000 plays each day and has exceeded 50,000 plays on several occasions. LMFAO lovers also relentlessly post comments, whether it be to express their love for the duo’s tunes or to declare their laughter after watching one of Blu and Foo’s 50-plus reality show-esque Youtube videos.

“We just love people,” said Redfoo. “Being social is the number one ingredient to a party, so if our brand is partying, then I guess it just makes sense for us to be the life of the party and make people feel at home. Most artists wouldn’t allow a camera or allow a video to come out on such personal stuff, but I guess it’s just personal preference.”

Holding major pop and rock icons as their influences, LMFAO isn’t afraid of the public eye. In fact, they’ve partly made a name for themselves by welcoming it.

“Our goal is to do what we do, be ourselves, make music that we love to make, party and to be household names,” said Redfoo. “Our models are Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna and maybe some of these big bands like Guns ‘N’ Roses. We feel like there is no Michael Jackson of today. Who’s the Michael Jackson? Who’s the Prince?”

As vaguely stated earlier, the group is in talks with two major labels, possibly penning a deal in the near future, potentially providing their dream with one last jumpstart.

“We kind of just dove right into it,” noted Sky Blu. “Whatever happens, I have absolutely no regrets, never thought anything like that. Everyday I just wake up excited to see what we can do next.”

Keeping things lighter than light, when asked what they wished their final quotes to be, Redfoo responded: “In the words of the great Eric D-Lux, don’t judge me…you b*stard,” while Sky Blu replied, “To all the ladies, I’m a human not a sandwich.”

These quotes alone epitomize the goofy, yet admirable attitude these two electro hip-hoppers possess. A picture says a thousand words, but a picture of LMFAO says a million.

click here to see original article...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Working on the Katie Perry Remix

I'm tired as fuck!...Sky Blu is laying down his verse on the Hot n Cold Remix, which I really like and I'm sitting on the couch downstairs in our house....I wonder why i don't get and notifications when there's a post on this blog as I am a follower.

Today we met with the Staff at Interscope Records. We are in the middle of negotiating a world wide deal with them. I have a lot of thoughts about it that I am going over in my head. Speaking of head. That is one of my favorite prince albums. I use to listen to it over and over again about 5 years ago. Prince is a bitch. In a good way!...He's one of the best of all time.

I'm not hanging out with a girl tonight. Which is strange cause it seems like every night i'm with somebody different. I love this life style, partys,girls,hanging with friends,making music and entertaining audiences....and I love working with sky and our staff and manager creating the future.

My favorite thing today was that I laid down some rad ass harmonies on the hook of the Katie perry remix...this auto tune is some dope as shit. I started using it after I heard Madonna use it on one of her albums around 99' and I recorded Dre Kroon my former partner with it....that's still one of the sickest if not the sickest auto tune performance i have ever heard!!!!!...it was all freestyle too. if somebody out there wants to hear Dre Kroon's auto tune from 99 post a comment and i will post it up for you to peep out...anyways....Peace out my bitches! -Foo

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Haaaay!! I'm very excited to see LMFAO on tuesday at Cinespace.. I've been going the past couple of weeks and it's been rather lackluster to be honest. But I know my boys will keep me entertained all night! (uhm.. in a totally platonic kind of way lol)
Not to mention this would be my first time watching them perform in their element. Plus of course we have Steve spinning and this dude Beardo, who I actually met on the roof of a radio station on the 4th of July...weird haha. Anyways, it'd be awesome to have you come out and show yr support! If you come maybe I'll shake my ta-ta's for you, but don't hold me to that.

peace out
-c. urchin

Friday, October 3, 2008


The world famous Grandma Goodfoot is in town. The infamous grandmother is a huge inspiration to LMFAO'S humor, care free attitude & dance moves. She is credited with how LMFAO got their name.


For all you San Diego party people out there, we hookin' you up... check it:

We finally got the "I'M IN DIEGO BITCH!" shirts in for you to rock!!

Visit the LMFAO Merch Store to order one before they disappear! 

We also should be making an appearance on Z 90 fm in Diego, so expect some great giveaways.

Don't forget to cop that track as well

Thursday, October 2, 2008

LMFAO # 1 again on Power 106 in L.A

Sky blu was on his way back from getting a "juice up" (this is what LMFAO calls a drink from Robeks or Jamba juice), when he heard Eric Delux and Big Syphe counting down the top 4 songs @ 4 o'clock on power 106. He pulled out the video camera eager to here if the LMFAO remix of Kanye West's love lockdown was yet again the number 1 song.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Below is the black colored logo...but if its on a black background your ass won't see it!..just right click it and save as...

LMFAO Kills it At Les Deux

After getting a call from Les Deux management asking if LMFAO would do a song the next night for an incredible amount of money...they couldn't refuse. Even though Redfoo had been turned away from the popular Hollywood night club 7 months prior. 

"I was livid and went crazy on them when they wouldn't let me and my friends in for free about 7 months ago...I guess we weren't big enough then". Say's Redfoo.

Saturday night Redfoo and Sky Blu spent about 5 mins on Les Duex red carpet while photographers competed for pics. It was a private event for DJ Sharkz B-Day Party. LMFAO hit the stage around 12:30am and the place went crazy...They performed I'm In Miami Bitch and I Am Not A Whore to an enthusiastic crowd, who sang along to the electro duo's club bangers. DJ Prophet dropped LMFAO's Love Lockdown remix shortly after their set and the place got wild again. "We really bonded with the onwer of Les Deux as he took us in his limo for the after party in the hills. 

"It was bananas. Girls everywhere, stipper poles, DJ, and Hollywood friends,"says Sky Blu of LMFAO.


"We're definitely not a band that's shy. We love to hear ourselves talk. We want to be seen as much as possible. We want to be so big that we can't even walk down the street." Mark the words of Redfoo, the programming brain behind electro-hip hop duo LMFAO, who, along with his cohort (and nephew) Sky Blu, have already initiated a full-scale assault on the clubs. In the last year alone, three self-produced and self-distributed LMFAO tracks — "I'm In Miami Bitch," "Lil' Hipster Girl" and "Yes" — have become as ubiquitous on the dance floor as any hit by the likes of Rihanna or T.I., while remixes of Fergie's "Clumsy," Kanye West's "Love Lockdown" and Katy Perry's "Hot 'N' Cold," have lent instant credibility to two guys who've turned clowning around into an art form and a business.

It's all part of an elaborate plan for world domination. No, really. For Foo and Sky, as they refer to each other, what started as a natural collaboration (uncle and nephew, who happen to be close in age, tinkering with drum machines and recording software) with a mix tape thrown in as an afterthought, has evolved into a multi-platform musical movement. With one key mission: live tonight like there's no tomorrow.

Foo and Sky call it Party Rock, and it's the name of their debut album, label (via the will.i.am Music Group and Interscope Records), clothing line and general outlook on any given day. "It's always better to have a party in your life," explains Foo. "Fun and laughter, the girls, dancing, celebrating… We want to feel the same way walking down the sidewalk as we do on stage." Which explains an awful lot about their street attire. The guys, who are devout PETA members, favor pimp jackets, oversized glasses (minus the actual glass), faux fur embellishments and the occasional leopard spandex skin tight pants (girls sizes only). If it's not vintage, then it’s their own Party Rock brand, which Foo and Sky wear exclusively. And their stylish strut seems to be working. "We get way more women now," says Sky.

Like many rock stars-in-the-making, girls are a recurring theme in LMFAO's music. From the sun and booze-fueled party anthem, "I'm In Miami Bitch," to the hilariously scene-y "Lil' Hipster Girl," to "I Am Not A Whore," in which Foo flips your typical song-and-dance mating ritual around with a stroke of reverse psychology genius. "We'll often write songs based off of simple catch phrases that we'll hear or say," he explains. "'I Am Not A Whore' started as an experiment to talk to more girls. Because in the club, when the music's loud, girls come up to us all the time saying, 'I love your glasses' or, 'I love your hair,' or sometimes they'll walk by and grab us on the ass. But once we'd say 'Thank you' or whatever, the transaction was over! I thought, there's got to be a way to keep talking and create an interest. We were missing out on all these girls! So I'd say, 'Just because you're giving me compliments, doesn’t mean I'll sleep with you. I am not a whore.' Amazingly, it worked!" Sky poo poo'd the idea originally, but even he couldn’t deny the volume of cell numbers Foo was collecting. It inspired the line: "I'm a human, not a sandwich."

It's high jinx like these that serve as fuel for LMFAO's non-stop party — one that essentially kicked off at the 2007 Winter Music Conference in Miami. It was there that a mixtape containing "I'm In Miami Bitch" first caught the attention of DJs, club goers and music business executives, expanding LMFAO's reach far beyond their native Los Angeles. Within a year, a tireless internet initiative, which included daily YouTube updates, a steady flow of comedic skits and bits

as well as self-produced music videos, launched them into the homes of millions, and in the process, caught the eyes (and ears) of Interscope Records. "Forget about shopping around, we didn't send one press shot or one bio," says Foo, still somewhat bewildered. "They had no idea what they were signing. What they knew was that they were hearing us on the radio and in the club, where at one point, we had a set of three or four songs in rotation."

Upping the ante, Foo and Sky next took on Kanye West's "Love Lockdown," giving it a dance-ready beat as part of its LMFAO treatment. "Within five hours, it was all over the world," boasts Sky of the blogosphere buzz. Adds Foo: "We saw a void. Kanye put out a record that sounded like a demo, couldn't really be played in the clubs, but had a great melody. So when we see a void, we're gonna create and fill it, if we can. That's how we're surviving, by watching the trends."

To that end, LMFAO is as much a brand as it is a band whose goal is instant recognition. "We feel like there's so much room for invention," says Foo. "With the internet, the mobile movement, software and music, it's like the gold rush right now. Eighteen months ago, there was no band, T-shirts or song. But with research and the spirit of entrepreneurship, we basically invented money out of nowhere. I don't look at it as making product and selling it. Everything you see is an idea and a concept." And they're just getting started. The guys also have plans for their own web TV show, a phone app and a movie, which Foo describes as Purple Rain meets Curb Your Enthusiasm meets Spinal Tap and Spaceballs. Sounds just about right.

But first, there's the music, which stands firm as their No. 1 priority. "It's like a fleet," says Foo. "You can only move as fast as your slowest ship, so we have to drag our acting, our comedy and our clothing with us. We don't want to get too far ahead."

Looking just over the horizon, the path is promising, to say the least. The guys have already been recruited by Lady GaGa and Chris Cornell for single remixes, and are fielding requests from a host of major artists in the pop and hip hop worlds. And with their full-length debut scheduled for release this spring, expect the buzz to hit a feverish pitch in the coming months. "Party Rock is the kind of record a band would make on their third album," Foo deadpans. "It's gonna be our Thriller — it's meant to take you away, to escape to this world of fun, dance, sex, craziness, do-what-you-want attitude. It's our lives."

Now let's party like it’s 2009!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008



Booking Information

Management: Ian Fletcher

Booking: Joel Zimmerman at WME 
Internation Booking: Alex Hardee at CODA Agency

Europe and Asia DJ bookings for LMFAO and Redfoo/Party Rock Crew:
Mikey Malak

Wednesday, September 17, 2008