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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

LMFAO Kills it At Les Deux

After getting a call from Les Deux management asking if LMFAO would do a song the next night for an incredible amount of money...they couldn't refuse. Even though Redfoo had been turned away from the popular Hollywood night club 7 months prior. 

"I was livid and went crazy on them when they wouldn't let me and my friends in for free about 7 months ago...I guess we weren't big enough then". Say's Redfoo.

Saturday night Redfoo and Sky Blu spent about 5 mins on Les Duex red carpet while photographers competed for pics. It was a private event for DJ Sharkz B-Day Party. LMFAO hit the stage around 12:30am and the place went crazy...They performed I'm In Miami Bitch and I Am Not A Whore to an enthusiastic crowd, who sang along to the electro duo's club bangers. DJ Prophet dropped LMFAO's Love Lockdown remix shortly after their set and the place got wild again. "We really bonded with the onwer of Les Deux as he took us in his limo for the after party in the hills. 

"It was bananas. Girls everywhere, stipper poles, DJ, and Hollywood friends,"says Sky Blu of LMFAO.

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