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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Working on the Katie Perry Remix

I'm tired as fuck!...Sky Blu is laying down his verse on the Hot n Cold Remix, which I really like and I'm sitting on the couch downstairs in our house....I wonder why i don't get and notifications when there's a post on this blog as I am a follower.

Today we met with the Staff at Interscope Records. We are in the middle of negotiating a world wide deal with them. I have a lot of thoughts about it that I am going over in my head. Speaking of head. That is one of my favorite prince albums. I use to listen to it over and over again about 5 years ago. Prince is a bitch. In a good way!...He's one of the best of all time.

I'm not hanging out with a girl tonight. Which is strange cause it seems like every night i'm with somebody different. I love this life style, partys,girls,hanging with friends,making music and entertaining audiences....and I love working with sky and our staff and manager creating the future.

My favorite thing today was that I laid down some rad ass harmonies on the hook of the Katie perry remix...this auto tune is some dope as shit. I started using it after I heard Madonna use it on one of her albums around 99' and I recorded Dre Kroon my former partner with it....that's still one of the sickest if not the sickest auto tune performance i have ever heard!!!!!...it was all freestyle too. if somebody out there wants to hear Dre Kroon's auto tune from 99 post a comment and i will post it up for you to peep out...anyways....Peace out my bitches! -Foo


Q said...

Yeeeeeah maaan! I know the Katie Perry Remix is going to be as hott if not hotter than the new Love Lockdown Remix with Kanye West. Everyone is waiting...

hotboysrfuntoys said...

Hey babe. I don't get an email either, just if i go on blogger, it will show up like subscriptions on youtube. Anyway, I want to hear this old stuff.. From what i've heard, your old underground music is actually very good and should be resurrected to get the attention it deserves.
BTW you already know I love the new remix, you know I can't stand being teased. I am waiting in anticipation to hear the finished product. xo

KrayziE RussiaN said...

Everyone still waiting!!! LOL Come on already!

PusherFM said...

let me check that Dre Kroon son!