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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Florida State University Promoters Rep LMFAO in Style: "I'm In Tally Bitch"

"We expect to sell thousands of pre-sale tickets and we're hoping to sell out completely at the door," said a promoter with Florida State University's Committee Entertainment, the planning team for the highly anticipated Rivalry Music Festival featuring LMFAO.

When I arrived in my Party Rock Gear at the FSU Student Union, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Rivalry crew and throngs of students sporting "I'm In Tally Bitch" shirts, the official uniform of the Rivalry Music Festival.

"Everyone is just so pumped up for LMFAO", another promoter told me. "We have world-famous DJs coming to this event, a beer pong tournament, all kinds of things...it's going to be bigger than [Tallahassee's legendary] St. Patty's day block party...but no one can stop talking about LMFAO. They're our big selling point."

"Sky Blu just did a radio interview with HOT 104.9," he continued. "That's Tallahassee's biggest radio station. It's going to air on Friday, September 4. We can't wait to hear it."

I joined the group of promoters as they made their way through the student union and across the campus, stopping students along the way. One held a boom box over his shoulder, blasting "Yes", "I'm In Miami Bitch", and "I Am Not A Whore."

Director of Advertising, Lukasz "Dayglow" Tracz, didn't get the memo that the Party Rock Crew and LMFAO fans rock the "no lenses" rather than the Kanye-inspired shutter shades, but he came out in full force with his "I'm In Miami Bitch" shirt. His fellow promoters joked, "he just turns on when we play this song," referring to "Rock the Beat." Each time the opening notes came through the boom box, he busted a move--jumping on tables, running up to students and thrusting before handing them flyers.

I got more details on the performance while we walked around campus: a slight change of plans being that LMFAO is no longer scheduled to close out the party inside the club, Floyd's Music Store. Instead, LMFAO will be the last act on the outdoor stage (music ends at 10 p.m.). However, LMFAO will really be getting the party started as it continues inside the clubs along the Strip (Floyd's, Lower Lounge, and the Irish Pub) until 2 a.m.
"LMFAO is coming straight from the airport to the festival," another promoter added. "We're told they're coming right from Vegas. They don't even get time to relax...they have to hit the stage before 10! I don't know how they do it."
"That's Party Rock," I tell him.

Florida Party People should arrive early for a good spot. Tickets are still available online here. You can also purchase tickets at the door for $20.
Don't stop Party Rockin' there: follow LMFAO to Orlando, FL two days later on September 8 (at The Roxy), Miami, FL on September 9 (at LIV), and Tampa on September 10 (at The Kennedy Soho).
Fans can win free tickets to the Orlando and Tampa shows here. The first 250 ladies in Orlando get in free and ladies are in free in Tampa all night long.


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