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Saturday, January 31, 2009

LMFAO Daily Day 61 -What do you want us to do?


da_gntleman said...

i reacted the same way sky blu reacted. i will make sure that i put words out to my friends and to everyone i see about PARTY ROCK!!!!!!! but for business down at interscope and universal, i say that you guys would have to push for that release date. i'm sure you guys are already doing that.
i think if all the fans email interscope requesting that the deadline isn't backed up, then it'll help out.

i found the link.

my fellow LMFAO fans, help a nigga out!

jivendogg said...

well one of my formal favorite artists 'canibus' got fucked by universal and similar record labels ... yeah they help promote you but they take all the money u make and then lock your music and what not down : no freedom while u getting thieved ... start ur own label and go nutz ...

jivendogg said...
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Chrystal said...

Either way, the album is going to be dope, but I have to say - I wouldn't rush it. It just has to be out before June, as the songs are perfect summer. People are really stressed right now and overworked due to lay offs. This is your art and it deserves a lot of attention, publicity, and promotion - so give the label the time to create a great push for it. You deserve it.