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Monday, June 1, 2009

LMFAO In YRB Magazine!!

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Los AngeLes
by Phillip Mlynar
Photography by Chad Griffith

"I'm the sexiest man alive next to Jesus, and I'll tell
you right now what gives him the edge over me,"
says the Afro-topped RedFoo, one half of LMFAO,
the Tinsel Town electro club kids who fizzed up a
buzz last summer with their "I'm In Miami, Bitch!"
hit and remix of Kanye West's "Love Lockdown."
"Every time I'm with a girl they're saying his name,
'Oh, Jesus!' I'm there going, 'Wait a second, what
about me? I'm the one down here putting in the
work.' But they're still, 'Oh, Jesus!' So he's got the
"Jesus has the best branding," adds Sky Blu, the
other part of the professional partying duo who
were prompted to move up from spinning at local
night spots to crafting their own club hits after being
inspired by a visit to the Winter Music Conference
in Miami two years ago.
"If he was an artist, he'd go 40 million," speculates
Foo, before the conversation spirals into a debate
about whether they could get Justice or The
Crookers to remix the Bible and ends with a pun
about nuns being "an untapped market." Which is
just as you'd expect from a group whose lyrics run
equal parts sexually electrified and knowing humor
and who settled on their internet acronym name
after hearing Blu's grandmother's iChat response
to a plan to call themselves Sexy Dudes.
Now rolling with major label big boys Interscope,
they plan a two-pronged attack on the world this
summer through their debut album, Party Rock,
and a luridly colored merch range that runs from
obligatory tees to branded underwear and crazy
prophylactics. "Do not expect to hear any ballads,
and don't expect to not dance when you hear it,"
promises Sky Blu of the album that hopes to turn
some of the two million listens they’ve clocked up
on their MySpace page (on tracks like "I Am Not A
Whore") into cash in the bank.
"Don't expect a bunch of interludes on it either,"
vows Foo, who also cops to a stint as a stand-up
comic a few years back and has a musical history
that takes in the cerebral-sounding mid-'90s indie
rap record "Life Is a Game of Chess." "Our album
is designed to take to a party and push play. When
you have an interlude at a party the dancing stops,
the romancing stops, and we never, ever want that
to happen."
Then, true to their salacious image, Sky Blu
concludes, "If they were a virgin before, I would not
expect anybody who had listened to the album to
be one by the time it ends."

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