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Sunday, August 9, 2009

LMFAO On The Home Page Of www.penseyeview.com

Well here we go again – PEV finds itself lucky enough to get a hold of an artist just before their worldwide explosion… well, maybe we caught up with LMFAO after the explosion… but nonetheless, the duo of Red Foo and Sky Blu are taking their life philosophy and running with it hard – “’Laughing My F*****g Ass Off.’ We picked that name to remind us to always have a humorous outlook on life. It reminds us that these songs have a goal. They tell jokes, they tell stories to make people laugh. We make songs to make people laugh, dance or party.” And since smashing MySpace with “I’m in Miami Bitch”, their party hasn’t stopped.

The tunes off of the iTunes-released “Party Rock” EP have been re-played well over 2 million times on their myspace page (myspace.com/lmfaouno); “Party Rock” also sharing its name with their label (via the will.i.am Music Group and Interscope Records), clothing line and “general outlook on any given day.” If you’ve been to a club worth a salt lately, you’ve heard LMFAO. That’s how it is. Red Foo expands on what to expect from the music on “Party Rock”: They can expect to be inspired. They can expect to feel different things. They are going to laugh a little bit or think of a past relationship. But what it really comes down to is a social album. They are going to play it with their friends and it really will make you a more social person. We think it could change someone’s life like it changed ours.”

LMFAO’s future schedule is pretty unreal – they’re going to be featured on the Real World: Cancun, keeping fans updated via their YouTube channel, working with their clothing line and their site PartyRockPeople.com, even possibly working with the likes of Lady Gaga, DJ Spacecowboy, The Paradiso Girls, even one of my favorites: Chris Cornell. All of this… and touring tirelessly at the same time. Insane. There’s a lot more below, so dive into the XXQ’s.


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