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Sunday, October 25, 2009

TODAY is the last chance to enter to be LMFAO's next Polka Dot Bikini Girl

Party People!

LMFAO is still searching for the next Polka Dot Bikini Girl to join us on the upcoming Party Rock Tour (November 5-December 21).

If you're 21, look good in bikini, love LMFAO and (preferably) have some modeling experience, we want to see your submission!

Submissions end TODAY, Oct. 25, so hurry on over to www.partyrockpeople.com and click on the banner on the homepage to enter.

You must submit 3 recent photos--please include a close-up of your face, as well as a full-body photo--and a video telling us why YOU should be the next Bikini Girl!

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1 comment:

LadyToga said...

hey,my names saraita castro and im 18.i love your music and i was wondering if i could be in one of your music videos.i have plenty of dance,music and model experience.the music industry is my future.i plan on owning my own record label in a few months plus i think you guys are really sexcci...