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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Angela Simmons Says YES to LMFAO's Party Rock Clothing

Angela Simmons, daughter of Russell Simmons and star of MTV’s “Daddy’s Girls”, was spotted rocking LMFAO’s purple YES leggings on Thursday, November 19. She wore them to lunch at Toast in West Hollywood.

Simmons reportedly is interested in getting an LMFAO chain, as well as the new LMFAO Party Rock rings.

The YES leggings were inspired by LMFAO’s song, “Yes”, which is about seeing your dream and making it your reality. It has special meaning for the group. Not only is it the song that LMFAO uses to close out its shows during the Party Rock Tour (bringing throngs of fans and friends onstage to join in the celebration), it includes the lyric, “everyday I see my dream”, which LMFAO’s Sky Blu has tattooed backwards across his chest so he can see it in the mirror. Redfoo and Sky Blu, as well as all of the members of the Party Rock Crew, truly see their dreams come true and have “yes” moments every day.

Get Angela’s leggings (which are also available in black, red and white), as well as other Party Rock gear online at www.partyrocklife.com.

For more information, e-mail PartyRockPR@gmail.com.

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