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Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm In St. Louis Bitch

It felt like 2 a.m. when we were woken by Foo shouting “yeah, baby baby” during a phone interview with Cherry Tree Records, but it was actually 2 p.m. It seems to be the trend that we roll out of our bunks on our tour bus at that time each day.

We were in St. Louis, Missouri today (a.ka. STL)—another really beautiful, quaint city that gave those of us on the Party Rock Tour a warm reception. Reek, Nikole, Jason Smith and I did lunch at a Jamaican spot called the Culture Café and the family that owned that place knew all about the show and LMFAO. Shwayze actually recommended the place to us and the chef referred to herself as “Mama Shwayze.”

After soundcheck, Pinchie Pete drove us to our ridiculously nice hotel, the Ameristar Casino. Q raised the question: where did he get his license? Pete is a talented photographer and performer, but his driving skills are questionable at best…just kidding, Pete.

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