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Friday, November 13, 2009

Party Rock Tour: I'm In Seattle Bitch!

While the boys were at sound check, Nikole and I ran the town. We got to know Seattle really well in a matter of hours, thanks to our feasting at multiple restaurants and massive shopping spree.

We took a cab to the Showbox Sodo, the venue for the night. In our green room, one of the guys from Far East Movement burned the strings off Nikole’s bikini with some matches and Johnny Maroney, our booking agent, got the party started.

The show was insane—Seattle Weekly said we turned it into Animal House. A fan in the audience randomly handed Foo her Hawaii driver license and credit card. Sky took my iPhone during “Leaving U 4 the Groove” and when I got it back from him, my background was a photo of Sky holding out his middle finger with a priceless facial expression.

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