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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm In Canada Bitch

hings got scary upon entering Canada: I found out I was to be without a phone for 48 hours. However, Canada really made it up to us, with their rooftop hot tubs, Jacuzzis in the hotel rooms, delicious room service and, of course, really dedicated, enthusiastic LMFAO fans.
Our first stop was Vancouver, BC. It was approximately 30 degrees and raining, but the hot tub at the Pan Pacific Hotel was calling our names. Bikini Girl Nikole and I went for a dip in our matching polka dot bikinis and Party Rock glasses before meeting back up with the boys at the venue. The sold out show was at a nightclub called Gossip. It was great to see some familiar faces from our website, PartyRockPeople.com, at the show and afterparty, as well.

The afterparty went down in Q’s room and, while predominantly female, the crowd included Jason Smith, Shwayze’s DJ, as well as DJ Space Cowboy (Lady GaGa’s DJ that is on tour with us). It was an incredible experience getting to know not only them, but also the Canadian fans. They are truly diehard for LMFAO in Canada.

After Space Cowboy ordered multiple sandwiches from room service and Q taught everyone the meaning of “squasha,” we took cabs back to our bus and hit the road.

We got to Penticton, BC (which DJ Air has been calling “Penicillin”) in the afternoon. It was a really small, quaint town and it seemed like the entire town was pumped for LMFAO. The Party Rock Crew roamed the streets in search of food and, along the way, we ran into a fans asking for autographs, a Subway employee wearing a polka dot bikini top under her uniform, and several Party Rock Tour flyers posted up in local businesses.

The hotel room that Foo, Nikole and I shared had a Jacuzzi and a fireplace, so we were in heaven. We ordered room service and Foo did some push-ups and sit-ups, grunting and panting after just a few (just kidding, Foo Foo—you’re in the best shape of your life).

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