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Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm In Pittsburgh Bitch

It was almost 5 p.m. when most of us woke up on the Party Rock bus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania today.

Q and Izzy discovered that an eatery down the street from the venue had the entire Party Rock album on their juke box. How cool is that?

Back at the hotel, Nikole and I sat down to a feast at the Fish Market. We ran into Reek who was flying solo, eating an $85 meal.

The venue, Diesel, was probably the smallest one we played on the tour, but it was one of my personal favorites. The crowd was an interesting mix of fans that looked like they belonged at a Nirvana concert, 14-year-old boys in the front row, a middle-aged dude with a fro in the middle and dolled-up girls on the upper level. One of my favorite things about tonight’s crowd was that there was an overwhelming number of fans over 30. It’s great to see that Party Rock transcends the college party crowd stereotype--it’s something to be enjoyed by party animals of all ages.

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