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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm at Penn State Bitch

Up until tonight, it was a tough call if Vegas or Seattle was the best tour stop to date. State College has to take the cake. Penn State truly knows how to party rock.

Earlier today, Sky did a phoner with magxonline.com. The main topic of conversation? Shots. There is apparently a controversy surrounding the song--middle-aged mothers are claiming the song leads to some questionable activity; Sky says that the song is about having fun and they just don’t understand why their daughters are so drawn to he and Foo (because they’re “sexy dudes.”)

Bronne from Real World Cancun joined us tonight--he works as a bartender at our venue, the Cell Block. We became instant friends as soon as we met him on the bus. He is one of the loudest guys I’ve ever met...and also one of the greatest. As he always did on the last season of Real World, he was rocking an LMFAO tee (available at www.partyrocklife.com). Inside the venue, he was leaning over the balcony for most of the show, blowing his whistle, chanting, “Penn State, Penn State” and singing along to every song.

Bronne’s girl friends encouraged the entire VIP section to do shots long before the boys launched into the song. Even the owner of the club got crazy with us.

The crowd was absolutely insane, as were the boys. “She has some big ass titties,” Foo said about the girl he pulled onstage for both “What Happens At The Party” and “I Don’t Wanna Be.” Her friend pulled me aside and shouted, “she has a baby, but don’t tell anyone.”

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