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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm In Orlando Bitch

Many of us former Floridians refer to Orlando affectionately as “Whorelando”, but last night, Foo said he was going to call it “Orland-hoes” because of all the sexual tension he was receiving from the crowd.

Hours before the show, there was an enormous line wrapped around Firestone, the venue. It extended up both streets on either side of the club. Orlando came out hard for LMFAO. Not only were a lot of fans sporting Party Rock Gear, I encountered several Party Rock People members both at our hotel and around our green room.

In addition to the fans and familiar faces, CJ from Real World Cancun joined us both in the green room and onstage, decked out head-to-toe in Party Rock Gear (LMFAO chain tee, Huck Finns, Party Rock jacket and LMFAO whistle).

The show itself was eventful as always. Foo led the crowd in a “Pervert Pete! Pervert Pete!” chant when Pistol Pete (or Paparazzi Pete), as he prefers to be called, came out for “What Happens At The Party.” The audience seemed amused, but they weren’t in on the joke--the chant started the night before when we were all drinking at Wet Willie’s in Miami.


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