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Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm Up At Yale Bitch (shout-out to LA Weekly)

oday, we had the pleasure of reading a hilarious and clever rebuttal to our latest blog post from LA Weekly. Foo equates the writer, Gustavo Turner, to the tough guy in school.

“You know how there’s always a tough guy in school that you feud with...then you become best friends with them? That’s how I see my future with the writer[s] from LA Weekly,” Foo said. “I’d like to meet them in LA at the KIIS FM Jingle Ball this Saturday [December 5]...it’s all in good fun.”

We had a good laugh at the picture of Foo that they chose (and the caption, “our friend, Stefan Gordy.”) Priceless. By the way, thanks for my shout-out!

The piece did end on a classy and respectful note by providing an eloquent quote from Momfoo, as well as a nod to Foo’s father (and Sky’s grandfather) Berry Gordy’s Motown legacy.

Party People, check out the piece from LA Weekly here: http://blogs.laweekly.com/westcoastsound/b-side-stories/lmfao-stefan-gordy-berry-gordy/

Briefly rewinding to last night, Foo, Party Rock model/merch guy Daniel and I were treated to dinner at an Italian restaurant by Bikini Girl Nikole’s parents, who live here in New Haven, Connecticut. They were a riot, telling Foo he had a tight ass and getting pumped up to do shots of Patron. Imagine my surprise when one of our managers, Rene McLean, strolled in with one of my favorite people of all time, booking agent Johnny Maroney.

It was at dinner that Foo read a Facebook comment congratulating him on the Grammy nomination.

“Are we really up for a Grammy?” he asked.

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