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Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm In New Orleans Bitch (and Pensacola Bitch)

On our way to New Orleans (or Nawlins, as the locals call it), we stopped in Pensacola, Florida for what turned out to be one of the most amazing spots on the tour to date.

We didn’t have a show scheduled--instead, it was a happy hour event at a spot called Suite. At 5 p.m., we popped in for what we thought was going to be an early evening with a few drinks. It turned into an insane night at the club. Who ever thought we’d be clubbing at 5 p.m.? By 7, everyone was drunk. DJ Air was was spinning the entire Party Rock album, as well as remixes. Pensacola local, the Krazy Russian, an old friend of Foo and Sky’s, came out. We also celebrated “Party Rock ambassador” Daniel (Danglin’ D)’s annual 21st birthday.

After the club, we brought the party to Chili’s for Daniel’s birthday dinner and then to the the bus. It was 11 when we started dozing off, when that’s the time we typically start going out.

The evening concluded with Foo busting out of the back room with no pants...or underwear.

“That had to be the most fun night we had all year,” he said.

We arrived in New Orleans at 4 a.m. and some of us started drinking around noon. This city is famous for its Hand Grenades, rumored to be one of the strongest drinks in the world, but the really cool thing about Nawlins is that you can drink in the streets. In true Party Rock fashion, we brought our drinks with us into multiple stores, restaurants and cabs.


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