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Friday, December 18, 2009

Party Rock Tour: I'm In H-Town Bitch

When we got to Houston/H-Town yesterday, or as the rappers say, “the H”, we spotted a fan dancing in the rain in front of the bus in an attempt to get tickets to the show. The show was so oversold last night, though, that we couldn’t even add people to the list.

Like the New Orleans House of Blues, the Houston House of Blues also had a wall of sold out shows. Apparently, we will be making it on there, as well.

The boys came out to roaring applause and a sea of cameras. When Foo asked, “Where all my sexy ladies at?”, guys were screaming, pointing at their girlfriends. Girls in the VIP section upstairs were grinding up against the glass in their tiny dresses and no shoes. A server from the restaurant downstairs even appeared backstage in her apron, rocking LMFAO frames and throwing her hands in the air during “Shots.”

After the show, we, along with Space Cowboy, the Paradiso Girls, Shwayze and Far East Movement took a party bus to Rich’s in Houston for the afterparty. The topics of conversation included Q leaning like a cholo and taking his balls out for photos.


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