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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm In Your Virginia Bitch

We’re in Norfolk, Virginia today (or as Foo likes to tastefully say, “I’m in your Virginia, bitch”).

The boys did a phone interview with a newspaper today and, as their interviews tend to be, it was over-the-top and hilarious. Foo and Sky managed to multi-task, sharing stories while playing online poker.

I’m not sure if the journalist will have enough room to publish this priceless story in the Myrtle Sun, so I wanted to take the opportunity to share it with the rest of you non-South Carolina party rockers.

When asked how they got their names, Sky told the interviewer a classic tale.

“A lovely lady named Nancy was working as a cook in an Asian restaurant,” he said. “She was pregnant with Mr. Foo here and, at the time, she was cooking a dish with red curry and coconut milk. She spilled some on the floor and slipped in it. When she fell, the baby actually popped out and flew into the pan with all of the red sauce. The baby was stained red and stayed that way for 10 years. At first, they were calling him Redfoo Lee, but he shortened it to just Redfoo when he got into music.”

“To this day, he still smells like curry. He doesn’t even have to wear deodorant. You’ll smell something and you’ll be like, ‘Who’s cooking? Oh wait, that’s just Foo coming down the hall.’”


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