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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Party Rock Tour: I'm In Dallas Bitch

Apparently, Dallas is known as the Big D. I guess there’s a double meaning for that, as Foo announced, “Big D is in the house” at the start of the performance at the House of Blues.

We spent the day on our bus working and, as mentioned in the previous update, chatting with the Houston police department. Later, a limo driver randomly offered to drive me and Bikini Girl from our hotel to the venue. We rolled up in style, free of charge.

The Dallas audience was filled with characters, including a promoter taking over the audience with an enormous sign reading, “The Best Promoter Alive: I Do Exist In Real Life.” He was flashing the peace sign like he was Nixon running for president. Mixed in with the younger fans and college crowd was an older hippie couple, rocking tie dye and a Cat in the Hat type number. They were hanging over the top level, singing along to all of the songs.

As always, there were a lot of laughs during the performance--the “I Don’t Wanna Be Girl” playfully fought back as Foo called her a triflin’ ho, a player and the female Tiger Woods and, according to Sky’s latest Party Rock Church gospel, the Party Rock movement actually increased the size of Q’s once small penis.


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