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Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm In New York Bitch (LMFAO Fans Get Wet During Irving Plaza Flood)

The city was pumped for LMFAO’s back-to back sold-out shows at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza last night. While the boys filmed pieces with MTV and Vevo, I ran into a guy in the Penn Station subway chanting, “shots, shots, shots, shots” and groups of party rocked-out girls all over Gramercy.

Our green room was packed between Shwayze’s set and the time LMFAO was scheduled to go on. The entire Party Rock Crew was there, as well as our friends and co-workers from the label, Interscope and the booking agency, Moodswing360. Local friends, family and other groups from the tour squeezed into the tiny space, laughing, fixing drinks and making plans for the Grammys (not only is LMFAO up for a Grammy for Best Electronica/Dance album, another member of the Party Rock Tour family, Space Cowboy, is also up for a Grammy).

Our main concern prior to the boys taking the stage was the time constraint, as the venue had to be emptied before the group for the second show of the night could come inside. We never guessed that the venue would be emptied prematurely for an entirely different reason.

Not even a few lines into “Get Crazy”, the third song of the LMFAO Party Rock Tour set, the power shut down and a deafening alarm blasted off. Within minutes, water was spraying down and filling the venue. Rather than booing or trying to escape, the fans stayed, laughing, screaming and chanting for LMFAO. It was one of the most dedicated audiences I’ve seen.

After a quick green room meeting, we found out that we had to evacuate the premises. The New York Fire Department was on the scene. A pipe explosion caused the entire venue to flood. Luckily, the sound equipment was saved before things got too wet too soon.

On our way out, there was only laughter, no complaining from the bands or the fans. We grabbed bags of chips and pretzels from the bar as we made our way down the flooded stairs. The water was up to our ankles by the time we got outside.

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