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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Party Rock Tour Wrap-Up/I'm In McAllen Bitch

The day before yesterday, our tour bus pulled up to the venue in the last city on our tour, McAllen, Texas. We kicked off our tour in places like Vegas and Hollywood, so it seemed like it would be a difficult feat for the small Texas town to match up. Instead, it turned out to be one of the most warm crowds, fun shows and craziest afterparties we’ve seen yet. The tour couldn’t have ended on a better note.

We kicked off the day as we typically did on the Party Rock Tour--in the late afternoon. We had police escorts accompany us to a big Mexican dinner. They even came to the bathroom with us. When the street lights turned red, they turned on their lights and took us through as if the president was riding with us. The cops turned out to be fans--they got a little giddy and wanted pictures with the boys.

Our dinner at the Mexican spot was filled with lots of pranks and laughter. Pistol Pete’s mom texted him saying, “You are my sunshine. Xoxo.” For some reason, he has his mom stored in his phone under her full name rather than “mom.” Sky and Foo got ahold of his phone and responded with something like, “I want to smack your ass.” Her response was, “Peter, this is your mother.” The boys wrote back, “You’re hot.”

“Is this Redfoo or Peter?” she asked. When she found out it was Foo, all was well. “How are you, honey? Can’t wait to see you in Vegas!”

Everyone cracked up. “She wants you!” [For the record, Pete’s mom is amazing, as are all of the Party Rock fam’s family members.]

The McAllen show was oversold and the venue was filled to the brim. There were fans as far as the eyes could see--some were crammed into corners and others were even standing on tables in the back. According to waiters and the venue’s employees, the Party Rock Tour was the hottest thing in town and everyone was talking about LMFAO.

Our last chant of the tour in our dressing room brought on all sorts of emotions--it was bittersweet as we were all so happy and proud with the success of the tour and the experiences we had along the way, but sad beyond comprehension to see it come to an end.

I experienced the show in a different way--rather than standing onstage with our tour manager, Reek, production manager, Uncle Frank, security guard “Paxton with a T”/Andrew, and the tour’s bikini girl, Nicole, I ran around, helping Pete record part of the show, getting a photography lesson from some local media and getting caught in the rain of confetti during “Yes.” I hadn’t come onstage for “Yes” since the Portland tour date way back in early November, so it was a much-needed celebration. That song is so representative of the entire Party Rock Crew. We see our dreams everyday. We’re ending the tour with countless memories, inside jokes and a Grammy nomination for LMFAO.


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