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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm In West Chester and Atlantic City Bitch

I woke up this afternoon to find Foo scowling over a piece in LA Weekly. The writer, Gustavo Turner, who was covering our November 7th tour stop at the Hollywood Palladium, referred to Foo and Sky as “rap clowns” and shared his rather blunt and wordy opinion in a Party Rock assault on blogs.laweekly.com.

“Who in LA really reads LA Weekly, anyway?” Foo asked.

As we all know, Foo and Sky can be called many things, but “party animals”, “dynamic duo” and “sexy dudes” would be more fitting descriptions.

When we got off the bus to head our separate ways (soundcheck and Starbucks), a school bus tearing down Market Street in West Chester, PA hit our tour bus mirror and took off.

While I was walking down the street with merch guy Daniel, some guys took notice of his fro and my YES leggings. “I’m in West Chester, bitch,” they screamed.

The venue, the Note, is a small, cozy place unlike most of the larger venues we played. Bam Margera (of Jackass and Viva La Bam) is the owner of the Note and was there for the show.

Foo told the crowd that we were at Penn State last night and, for the first time, the crowd cheered. Typically, the crowds boo for the previous tour stops that the boys mention.

Foo shouted, “I’m in West Chester, bitch” and “I’m in your mouth, bitch” to see what the audience preferred, but he settled on the classic, “I’m in Miami, bitch.”

The crowd went crazy for “the Holy Goose”, LMFAO’s version of holy water, which Sky pours on Q during “Party Rock Church” (the intro to the Boom Boom Pow remix).

After the show, we (LMFAO and the Party Rock Crew, Far East Movement, Shwayze and Space Cowboy) took four limos to Atlantic City, New Jersey for our afterparty at Dusk at Caesars.

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