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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Party Rock Tour: I'm in Ohio Bitch

Shortly after waking up in Cleveland, Ohio today, the entire Party Rock Crew went out to eat at a Mexican spot downtown. It was the first time during the Party Rock Tour that we all got to sit down to a meal together.

After we ate (and drank, of course), the boys sat down for an interview with Midwestave.com. We were all treated to some hilarious stories, such as Foo’s tale of the “Crazy Russian”, an old friend whose gun played a humorous and pivotal role in their first Miami vacation. Pete left the green room during the interview and returned wearing his robot head. He somehow proceeded to drink a Corona through the screen on the robot’s face.

While this was the funniest interview I’ve ever seen, there was a serious note. “People that listen to our music are happy. We attract a different type of audience than a lot of other groups...people coming to see us are coming for a very different reason. They’re not listening to our music because they’re angry. They want to have fun,” Sky said.

The seriousness didn’t last long, however. When Foo began a heartfelt thank you to the fans, Sky and Pete started throwing chips at him. They landed in his hair, but he ate them as he continued to talk. Things progressed quickly as Pete launched plastic silverware, towels and other random objects at Foo. He flung a banana at his head and Foo actually ate it. Finally, Pete sprawled out in his lap and thrusted a Corona in his crotch while spraying it all over Foo’s face.

CLICK HERE TO READ MORE: http://www.partyrockpeople.com/page.aspx?id=110

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