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Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm In Milwaukee Bitch

arty Rock Tour: I’m In Milwaukee Bitch

We woke up in Milwaukee today at 3:30 p.m. and everyone was buzzing about how both our venue and the neighboring Ambassador Hotel, where our driver and crew members are staying, are haunted due to a variety of incidents, including a murder committed by Jeffery Dahmer.

Tonight’s show was at the Rave. It was one of the most high energy shows to date—it seems like the boys’ performances get better and better as each day of the tour goes by. After “I Shake, I Move”, Sky popped confetti all over Foo and the stage, joking that Foo is shooting blanks.

Not even ten minutes into the show, a girl ran wildly through the backstage area, trying to dive onstage, but security caught her in time. She ran away, hands in the air, as he continued to chase her down.

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cayla_dancer_1 said...

I was so at this show. it was amazing all the performances were really good ! Me and my friend were in the front row with purple LMFAO shirts on. It was basically the biggest PARTY i have ever been to!

Judson said...

oh......after reading this story i think that show was really good, But I really feel sympathy for that girl who was trying to go on stage and security caught her...

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